Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

Integrated service

We offer an integrated logistical service for trade fairs and exhibitions: from the pick-up point of products at the exhibiting company, to their exhibition in the stand of any trade fair or exhibition centre in the world, and their subsequent return to their point of origin, once the event has finished.

Technical team

The technical capacity of our human team and their ability to provide solutions is fundamental in determining and resolving any kind of problem or incident in an agile and satisfactory manner. We have the backing of more than 20 years experience, which means that our professionals are completely familiar with the entire structure in which our activity is based.

Organisation and coordination

Through a complete instructions guide, we inform the exhibiting company of the guidelines to be followed for successful exhibition, such as: dates, packaging, documentation, brands, etc. As well as any other information that they may need.

Customs clearance

Our trade fair division offers perfect knowledge of all the particular aspects of customs procedures for goods in transit to international trade fairs, such as temporary exports and imports, consumer sales, ATA carnets, Customs Guarantees, Transit Guides for Local Customs Offices, Authorised Zones, EMCS procedures, sanitary inspections, etc.


Depending on the type of goods and their individual needs, our organisation provides the most appropriate transport type over land, sea or air.

Own agents

We have our own agents located in all the major trade fair pavilions throughout the world, so we can offer a guarantee of total control, as well as swift action at any time.

Handling at trade fairs

Using our own resources or those of our agents at the trade fairs, we offer the necessary handling equipment according to the type of goods (lifting trolleys, cranes, fork-lift, etc) both in loading and unloading operations and for assembly/disassembly.

Packing / unpacking

We offer staff and tools for the packing and unpacking of our goods, where required.

Empty packaging

Once the goods have been unpacked, we remove the empty packaging and store it until the end of the event.

Personal supervision

Whenever necessary, we can go to any trade fair pavilion to personally supervise the operations.

Transport and general insurance

All-risk insurance policies.

Works of Art

We offer a service for the safekeeping, packaging, handling and transportation of works of art, using the specialist methods and technical staff that these objects require.


Our work is widely recognised by groups and associations of all kinds, such as chambers of commerce, official organisations and private companies, who trust in our services again and again.

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Trade Fairs & ExhibitionsTrade Fairs & ExhibitionsTrade Fairs & ExhibitionsTrade Fairs & ExhibitionsTrade Fairs & Exhibitions