Import / Export Customs


We provide a full range of services related to customs clearance at all Spanish customs points, and we also undertake efficient management of the specific inspection services required by all kinds of goods.


Documentation customs
In both import and export operations, whether they are partial, temporary or permanent, we take care of all the verification tasks involved in customs procedures in, among others, the fields of:
  • Animal health
  • Phytosanitary
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Soivre
  • Exterior health
  • Returns
  • Inward processing
  • Arms intervention
  • Registration certificates
  • Public goods
  • Consumer goods
  • Tax status
  • Alcohol limits
  • etc ...

Electronic processes

Our computer systems enable the immediate contact with customs offices through the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, which allows immediate access to information pertaining to customs procedures currently in progress.

Customs warehouse services

Our warehouses have customs authorisation to carry out any kind of customs transit operation, free zone warehousing, temporary or partial deliveries, tax status, etc.

Personal effects

We take care of customs operations for the introduction or repatriation of personal belongings resulting from changes of residence, offering our clients all the technical advice they require.

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