Land transport

Full loads

The transportation of full cargos in trailer, taut liner, mega trailer, jumbo or mini-TIR-type vehicles from or to any part of the European Union and Eastern bloc countries.

Partial loads (from 3500 Kg.)

We specialise in the organization of partial loads to and from France, Italy, England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Iraq

Regular Groupage service

Weekly departures for imports and exports, with branches in England, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Holland.

Transit time

We use international vehicles in permanent rotation, which always guarantees the lowest transit times.

Border assistance

We offer all customs clearance services: TIR carnets, ATA carnets, Transit guides, Customs offices for temporary or permanent exports or imports, in all Spanish transit customs points.


We have a consolidated network of agents and branches established in all areas, which are able to ensure the tracking and ease of transport from their pick up point (imports) to their delivery point (exports).