Special transport

Oversized goods

Our technical department uses its logistical resources to decide on the most appropriate routes and special means of transport for excess weight and abnormal goods.

We use the most appropriate equipment for all kinds of goods, such as: Pneumatic towropes, Cradle platforms, Extendable platforms, Platforms with ramps, Telescopic cranes, etc.

We organise the licences and authorisations with the local authorities, providing any necessary escort vehicles, which guarantee assistance to the convoy from the pick-up point to the final destination.

Dangerous goods

We offer professional handling services for dangerous chemicals, both solids and liquids.

We ensure that the correct coding is assigned for each product using IMO/ADR classifications.

We organise transport services for dangerous goods by land, sea and air, using the most appropriate equipment and means of transport in each case.

Perishable goods

We provide professional handling services, warehousing and transportation of frozen and refrigerated goods at controlled temperatures.

We also manage the port connections fro reefer-type containers, as well as the contracting of generators.


We handle the procedures for all kinds of commercial and visa documentation with any diplomatic representative in Spain, such as the Official Organisations: Chambers of Commerce, Superior Council of Chambers, Ministries, etc.

Goods transport insurance

Through our floating goods transport insurance policies we are able to offer the largest range of cover for Breakages, Theft, Fire and General damage, using first class companies that guarantee the quick, efficient processing of documentation and of any possible claims.


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